Technical and Content Contributors

Thanks to these people who have contributed to the presentation of articles and resources. Here’s a list of helpful contributors in no particular order.

Jenny English takes teaching of technology in the classroom to a higher level. Her applied focus means learning becomes real training. Students gain the skills they need to make competent use of software and applications.

George Angel is a powerhouse website designer and cyber security specialist, keeping up with the latest trends and innovating as well. His education websites have beautiful designs that make you want to start courses.

Alinez Winfred can write in a way that makes the complex seem very simple. Whether it’s short copy for a directory listing or an entertaining story with an education message, you can rely on the text being highly readable.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is a fantastic app developer and Google Play publisher for authors. You should check out her books, “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers” and “Internet Marketing Made Easy”. Both are packed with user-friendly tips and are available on digital book readers.

Frank Stroud has been a breath of fresh air. A marketer with a programmer’s aptitude, Franky has been fantastic at outreach and presenting content that really strikes a chord with readers / browsers.

Daniel Darrow can offer great careers advice for anyone considering university study. His research into the outcomes, advantages and disadvantages from particular college choices has been useful in several articles on the site.

Patricia Cameron may be from South Africa but we won’t hold that against her. Behind the funny accent is a coder extraordinaire. As a virtual assistant, Patty knows how to solve technical problems quicker than a baboon being chased by an angry lion.