Open Source Software Book List

Open source software is computer software where the source code is distributed for study, modification and use by any interested party. With open source software, programmers can tweak the software to improve it for their intended purpose. There are many open source software, but just a handful of people know how to utilize them fully.

Best 5 Books on Open Source Software

These five books will help you know more open source software and how to benefit from them. The book list has the top 5 reference books on the subject.

1. The Success of Open Source – Steven Weber

In this book, the author, Steven Weber credits most of the developments in the web space to open source software systems. The author states that open source code led to developments in computer technology with Apache and Linux being the most notable creations. The book is available on Amazon for about $23.

2. Next Generation Democracy: What the Open-Source Revolution Means for Power, Politics, and Change – Jared Duval

This book does not only have a long title; it is an in-depth resource on the impacts of open source revolution on different aspects of life. Have you ever thought about better ways to solve such world problems as climate change, poor health care, and unemployment? Jared Duval, a social change maker, opines that old ways have gone blunt and only open source revolution can solve current world problems.

3. Open Sources 2.0:  The Continuing Evolution – Chris DiBona, Danese Cooper and Mark Stone

This book is authored by three people for all the right reasons. The book offers insightful concepts about open source technology. The book is a collection of value-adding essays by top influencers in the technological space. You will find it thought-provoking as different experts offer in-depth knowledge on the matter. The book is available on Amazon at $31.

4. Open Source for the Enterprise:  Managing Risks, Reaping Rewards – Dan Woods and Gautam Guliani

In this book, the authors demystify the belief that since anybody can access an open source software, it can work for them. They teach what it takes to make it work. You don’t just install Linux and boof! Your profits are on the ceiling. They emphasize the need for institutionalized skills that will make the systems cut costs and be sustainable. Every entrepreneur should read this book.

5. Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project – Karl Fogel

The fact that businesses have embraced the open source technology has led to many developers coming up with many software projects. Most of the projects fail because of lack of information and skills to better utilize the available open source software. In this book, Karl offers a step by step tutorial on how developers, learners, universities, and other stakeholders can collaborate to make open source enterprise successful.