How Technology is Helping Separated Parents

Modern communication technologies are helping separated and divorced parents in many ways today. Co-parenting apps are helping them stay connected to each other and their children more than ever.

It takes two strong, ethical people to raise a child right. Navigating the events, visitations and doctors appointments children have can be difficult for one parent, much less for two that are separated.

The availability of an app that can help with scheduling functions for a child can be a lifesaver for most parents. Today co-parenting apps are generally free, reliable and easy to use.

Free Co-Parenting Apps

Let’s face it, not everyone gets along after a split or divorce. Free co-parenting apps are a great way for two separated parents to stay in contact without having to come face-to-face with each other. If this is the case, free apps like Gmail, text messaging apps and Google Calendar are a great way for separated parents to stay in touch. And you get the benefit of not having to talk to one another.

Gmail allows you to send an email to the other parent letting them know about a child’s school event or other appointments. The parent receiving the email can send back a reply saying thank you, or please keep me informed of further events.

Google Calendar allows a person to add events to an online calendar and keep track of them. It also allows two people to link their accounts, letting them keep up with their child’s extra-curricular events and add or subtract events from the calendar without having to communicate.

If the two separated parents are using Gmail and Google Calendar together, events added to or subtracted from one automatically get placed to the other.

Texting or messaging apps are great because they allow the separated parents to stay in touch with each other while on the go through a mobile device. This allows for speedy communication if an emergency with the child happens. The messages are usually short and to the point, and response time is almost always right away.

Subscription Service Co-Parenting Apps

If a free co-parenting app can’t be decided on between two separated parents, there are some reasonable ones that you can subscribe to.

Coparently is a co-parenting app that offers a calendar, mobile communication and helps keep track of shared expenses for a small monthly fee.

Talking Parents is a system-of-record type of co-parenting app that keeps track of all communications, expenses, and other items needed in the event of a court hearing.

Our-Family Wizard is yet another co-parenting app that is designed specifically for co-parenting families. It allows the two separated parents to manage shared aspects of their child’s life online in one place. Parental accounts are paid for yearly and child accounts are free.

TimTab has a technology solution for the difficult tasks of creating a schedule and drafting a parenting plan. The digital platform actually works out the most efficient parenting schedule for the situation.

Wrap Up

Conflict and miscommunication are a big part of what keeps two separated parents from effectively communicating with each other. When two people who couldn’t converse and get along while together, have issues getting along apart from each other, then the obvious solution is to use a good co-parenting app to help keep the situation civil.